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Over the years my kids have had some pretty fun Halloween experiences. For instance, the time Teresa won a prize for her costume, an umbrella with leaves glued on to resemble a tree. Or the time when Guy was no longer allowed out on Halloween because he had reached his age limit, so he sat very still on our porch wearing the scarciest mask he could find. When the trick-or-treaters cautiously stepped on the porch, Guy would roar like a lion, sending the kids, young and old, screaming off the porch and enjoying every bit of it. But there is one Halloween that comes to mind that was the all time best.

In 1997 Halloween was exceptional. Princeton had been hit with an ice storm that brought down hundred year old trees. Large limbs scattered the landscape. Residents carried as much as they could to the curb awaiting the city crews to haul off what they could. This particular Halloween, trees and limbs laying everywhere, gave the night a spooky feel. Added to the night was fog and drizzle.

Trick-or-treaters were out in force on this cold night. Suddenly in the distance, a far away sound came, getting louder by the minute. The kids and parents stopped to wonder what was making the sound. It sounded like the clip-clop of a fast moving horse?? How could that possibly be? Suddenly out of the fog and drizzle there appeared a giant horse carrying a tall man with no head. Squeals and screams could be heard up and down the street as “the headless horseman” came out of the night and galloped down the middle of Park Avenue.

What a sight! The tall man and his horse continued riding and disappeared into the fog…

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,

First one said, “My, it’s getting late!”

Second one said, “Who’s there, who’s there?”

Third one said, “There’s witches in the air.”

Fourth one said, “Let’s run, let’s run!”

Fifth one said, “It’s just Halloween fun!”

Puff went the wind.

Out went the light.

There goes the jack-o-lanterns Halloween night.

Kate Woolley, 4 years old.

Happy Halloween…Rick


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