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First Kiss

It wasn’t Valentine’s Day but I remember my first date and the kiss that came with it like it was yesterday. The year was 1956 or maybe 1957.

We were in seventh or eighth grade. His name was Martin Wiescoff. I’m pretty sure that he went on to attend the University of Chicago or some other school and that he turned out to be a lawyer or doctor. We weren’t old enough to drive so his mom or dad drove to pick me up and then took us to the movie or party, can’t remember which, then picked us up again to bring me back home..

Looking back I can’t imagine why he chose me for a date. I wore glasses and my hair was short and curly. My mom cut my hair and she gave me Mimi Eisenhower bangs. I was a nervous wreck. My mom was at work so it was my dad that helped me get ready. As I recall my dad put on a tie and he laughed at all the fuss.

We lived in Hyde Park in an apartment house on the second floor. Our apartment had a kitchen, living room and one bedroom that had been a porch at one time and then partitioned off to make two bedrooms. The bathroom was off the hall which we shared with two other families that lived down the hall. The house always smelled of Greek food because our landlady and her family lived on the first floor. Their name was Theodoris. I’m not certain that is the correct spelling. Occasionally, I was allowed to use their phone and sometimes receive calls. I didn’t take advantage because it was obvious that the landlady didn’t appreciate the inconvenience. We didn’t have a key to our apartment, so we unlocked the door by sliding a butter knife into a crack by the lock. You get the picture. It was a humble dwelling, but it was home.

If Martin was surprised by our apartment when I answered the door and invited him to meet my dad, he didn’t seem nervous. He was very polite and I think my dad smiled and greeted him with a hand shake.

The big kiss came at the end of the evening when Martin walked me up to the front porch. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. It was like an electric shock. Wonderful.

Martin and I remained friends until high school. We were just friends, we never had another “date”. Thinking back now, of all the guys I dated after that and a couple that I went steady with, never was there one more special that that first kiss.

If you are still living Martin, I just want you to know that I hope you are well and successful in your life. I’m pretty sure you are playing golf in Florida. Just want to say thank you for that special night a long time ago.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Charles Schultz


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