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Happy New Year 2019

The New Year is all about “hope”.

We hope for world peace. We hope for our world and the environment to be better. We hope for our children’s future. We hope for our families to do well. We hope for personal strength and good health and often…we hope for recovery.

My husband “Buck” had his catastrophic stroke when he was a mere sixty-three years old. Doctors and therapists told us that three months was all the time he would have to regain his strength and mobility. That was what they said at six months too…then at a year, and then at three years and again and again. They said it was all we could hope for. So, we hoped. Fifteen years later he had regained his strength, his movement and his ability to speak as well as his own personal goal to drive and work.

His message on this New Year’s to you would be this; “Don’t ever quit. Never give up, and especially never, ever give up hope”.

Happy New Year!


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