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Christmas Shopping

It is a week before Christmas and the parking lots are full of holiday shoppers. I am reminded of the theme song from the television show, Monk, “It’s a jungle out there”. Last minute shoppers mingle with regular shoppers to make shopping difficult when all one needs is milk and bread.

Many of us shoppers are short in the pocketbook at Christmas time, so it takes some imagination and creativity to share in the family gift exchange. Toys and electronics can be expensive. With some careful thought and planning you can come up with a meaningful idea.

As for me, Betty Crocker and I have begun our annual cookie bake off. Almond cookies for Bill, chocolate chips for Gabe and Grady and so it goes. But this year in addition to the cookies, I took time to sort through pictures and found one picture I like of each grandchild and great grandchild.

Kids, young and old, not only love cookies but also pictures of themselves. If you are stumped for a good gift idea for under ten dollars, you can have a meaningful, creative gift just by framing a favorite picture and giving it to that special someone.

Thumbing through the pictures is fun and will be a reminder of the good times past and present.

I admit that I am computer illiterate, so I have to ask for help getting pictures ordered at the store. I have found that even with the rush, the workers are patient and willing to help.

My family draws names for Christmas gifts. The rules are, the present cannot be expensive, it should be thoughtful and homemade or locally made. This year I drew my grandson Grady. He loves basketball. I found a picture of him shooting a basket and ordered a pillow with his picture printed on it. I think he will like the pillow.

During this busy time, small children and older persons, often get lost in the shuffle of the holidays and become overwhelmed. We may not be able to afford expensive gifts but remember this…the gift of time is the best gift of all. Children will remember when grandma or grandpa made special time to read to them. There is nothing better than cookies and a favorite book.

Just like young people, older persons often have trouble reading. That special person will appreciate you taking the time to read to them too. There is that gift of “time” again.

Christmas shopping doesn’t require you to be hassled, but while you are out and about be mindful of the person who is. Busy traffic and distracted shoppers pushing carts into your path, or talking on their cell phones and ignoring you, can cause you to be injured. That reminds me of the song, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”. Be careful and watch your step.

Remember, stores don’t sell the gift of “time” or the gift of “caring”, those gifts are priceless. That “time” gift just keeps popping up. If you can’t get out, you can always stick a stamp on a card and mail your greeting. That counts as “time and caring”.

I’m sharing my favorite holiday picture for this year with you.

Merry Christmas…Betty

“Christmas is a togethery and remembery sort of holiday” …Winnie the Pooh

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