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This is the end of October and the beginning of November. Two months when we are reminded of important information.

Number one: Check your smoke alarms and change the batteries. If you live someplace like me where the ceilings are very high, don’t even think about getting on a ladder. Come to think of it, even if your ceilings are normal height, don’t climb on a ladder! You can do what I do. I tell the men in my life that the Mother-In-Law will be living with them if she falls and breaks an ankle…that and a dozen baked cookies usually does it.

Number two: Make an appointment to have a mammogram. This method of exam was invented by someone who doesn’t have a clue what it feels like to squish boobs flat. We put up with it because it is a very important test.

Number three: Get your blood sugar checked and, while you are at it, get your cholesterol checked too. Nobody, but nobody wants a stroke or heart attack.

Number four: Get your flu shot! No ifs, ands, or buts about it, the flu is nothing to mess with. No joking about the flu. Lots of places give the vaccine. Call your doctor or the Senior Center for information.

Number five: If you are due for a colonoscopy pick up the phone and, as the commercial says, “just do it”! I’ve never met a person yet who said, “WOW this is going to be fun!” The talking and thinking about it makes it easy to put off the call.

Tomorrow is THE big day for me. Colonoscopy day! If you’ve never had one, let me explain. Colonoscopy day is actually two days. Different doctors have different requirements for preparation. The first day my doc wants me to fast all day and drink one gallon of nondescript liquid “stuff” that will clean me out. Sorry but that’s a fact. So, once I’ve begun the process, I’ll be staying close to home.

This is important too, nothing about this test hurts. It’s just, why can’t they invent a liquid that we can go to the DQ and buy? Like a chocolate milk shake or a peanut butter chocolate buster bar…

Day number two, after getting good and cleaned out, so to speak, I’ll go to the hospital and the nice nurse will cover me with a warm blanket and give me some meds that will put me gently into la la land for about thirty minutes. Hoping that I haven’t spoken in my sleep, giving away family secrets, I’ll wake up, feeling like I’ve had eight hours of sleep and then, here is the best part… I get to eat a big breakfast and lay around for the rest of the day!

There you have it, five things that will keep you safe and well. You can do this, if I can, you can. Betty

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