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When my kids were young, they looked forward to Halloween in wild anticipation. When October came, the pumpkins were chosen, and each got their own. Then costumes were created. Big black capes were sewn, wigs and masks were made, and hats decorated.

A couple of costumes are still in my memory. One year we glued leaves to cover an umbrella and then we wrapped brown paper around arms and legs to create a tree. Another year we covered cardboard with Reynolds Wrap and created a giant Hershey’s Kiss. When Guy was too old to trick-or-treat, he donned a terrible wolf mask and sat very still on the front porch, then scared little kids off the front lawn screaming for their parents. But the most fun came one year when some neighborhood kids decided to steal our pumpkins and it became a big game to everyone. We got sweet revenge the next year when we were in the process of replacing our grass in the front yard with sod. Kids crept up to the porch, grabbed the pumpkin and ran across the yard sinking in ankle deep mud.

We lived in Bird Haven and later in Greencroft, all porch lights were on and car loads of kids gathered in the streets. Kids were everywhere. I can’t remember how much candy we gave away, but it amounted to pounds. My kids thought I gave the worst treats. The best candy and treats were soon common knowledge; we were not one of them. I gave double mint chewing gum. Some neighbors gave full size candy bars. One memorable place was Rev. Warren Mueller’s, pastor of the Congregational church. He dressed in a devil’s costume to hand out candy.

Washington school always had a parade. There were prizes given to the best costumes. I hated that because some children had parents who put money and time into their child’s costumes and some children were on their own, putting them at a disadvantage. But it bothered me more than them. Homemade cupcakes were the standard fare. As one of many room mothers, I was responsible for making and serving them.

I became Mrs. Grinch the day after Halloween when stashes of candy were hidden under beds and in closets. I attempted to find it, but they won out. The stale candy lasted for months.

Enjoy Halloween. Don’t be a Mrs. Grinch like me complaining about the costumes and the candy. Go with your kids and enjoy their fun. BOO!! Betty

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,

First one said, “My, it’s getting late!”

Second one said, “Who’s there, who’s there?”

Third one said, “There’s witches in the air.”

Fourth one said, “Let’s run, let’s run!”

Fifth one said, “It’s just Halloween fun!”

Puff went the wind.

Out went the light.

There goes the jack-o-lanterns Halloween night.

Kate Woolley...4 years old

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