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Sometimes time flies and sometimes it doesn’t.

It has been two years today that my love traveled to heaven. When we were going through the motions of his passing, time seemed to stand still. But looking back the last two years have flown.

I have learned a few things during this time. For instance, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. I am alone often but thankfully have family and friends who care for me; and I admit, I am lonely. The house is too quiet, so the television is on providing a constant background sound. The nights are long, and my feet get cold without his being there to warm them. I share my noon meal not with a person but with my dog Poppy.

Then there is this, regardless what we see or hear on the news, people are kind. Deep down we are a good people. At first, reaching out to persons for help was hard to do, but once the hand was extended, the response has been overwhelming. I really think we gain more by giving than getting.

There was a time I took Earl for granted. When we were young we thought there would always be a tomorrow, but I have discovered that my loving him has not stopped growing. I appreciate him now more than in the fifty plus years that we were together. I feel it is important that my children and their children know that love really does not die. I see clearly that it is important to carry on his memory so that the young children coming up in our world are able to connect and have a relationship with their granddad.

Oh, it wasn’t all roses and chocolates; we had our moments. We loved each other but we didn’t always like each other. This is something kids need to understand too. We can agree to disagree and it’s okay. Hug and kiss at bedtime, and remember, there is no room in the bed for being vindictive.

Earl suffered long and hard, but he never was bitter. That really says something about his character. Life can be crushing for some of us, but we can learn to take the bad and rejoice in the good.

Finally, he made me laugh, sometimes hysterical laughter. He laughed at himself too. Be sure to laugh more. Sometimes it takes a stubbed toe to bring it out, but laughter really does make the world a better place…Betty

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