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October Blue

This October will long be remembered for the terrible hurricanes Florence and Michael. Mother Nature has caused much suffering, both to humans and the environment. That being said, we in this area have been blessed to have had beautiful weather.

October is the month that Mother Nature puts on her best clothes and shows off beautiful blue skies and colorful trees and fields. It is a month of change. Temperatures fall and the birdbath is covered with ice and the roofs with frost. The wind blows leaves everywhere and daylight begins to dim.

I would love to spend the winter somewhere warm, but truly, I would miss the change of seasons, especially autumn. Buck’s mom knew about colors and how to decorate. I am reminded of her in October because she told me that on the color wheel, orange is the complementary color for blue. She said, “Just imagine an orange maple tree against an October blue sky”.

Today, or sometime soon, pull on your winter coat; grab a warm knit scarf and hat. Get outside, take a deep breath and be prepared for Mother Nature to show off her stuff. October is beautiful. Betty

Winter is an etching,

Spring a watercolor,

Summer an oil painting,

And, autumn a mosaic of them all…..Stanley Horowitz author.

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