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Have Patience With One Another

I have survived many a cooking disaster in my 55 years of marriage, but none so memorable as my first. Chicken-ala-king.

When Buck and I married, a very popular wedding gift was a Betty Crocker cookbook. I still have that cookbook. Now it is tattered and stained but occasionally I still use it. I didn't know how to cook. "Back in the day" we didn't eat out unless it was a special occasion. We cooked from scratch. My husband never once complained even though he had good reason.

Betty Crocker was on my counter everyday. Today, I decided it was "Chicken-ala-king". I was doing fine until I realized that I had poured the chicken stock down the drain. How important could it be?? It was pretty important as it turned out.

When it came time to add flour to the recipe, the concoction turned into paste. Much like the paste kindergartners used to use as glue. Still, I continued; a little salt and pepper and there it was.

Bless my husband's heart, he actually attempted to eat the glob. Buck's first bite brought on uncontrollable coughing caused by the pepper which brought on uncontrollable laughter. I ran into the bedroom and fell in tears on the bed. He could not console me. I was devastated. About that moment his mother called. Yes! Perfect timing. She joined in his hilarity.

I don't recall what, if anything we ate for dinner that night, and, I don't recall another time I attempted Chicken-ala-king, but I do remember what "stock" is. Lesson learned.

Sometime soon I will tell you about his pink underwear. Buck was a good husband. He was kind and patient. Thank goodness.


Julia Child said, "No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing".

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