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Winter can be long for caregivers and the one being cared for. Being confined for days on end, tend to cause more stress, and depression to worsen. Here is an idea to beat the blues.

I have a secret to share. I’m not sure why I say it’s a secret, but some would be surprised to know that I have become a romance novel addict. I have fallen in love with the tall, strong, handsome cowboy who owns the biggest ranch in Texas and rides a beautiful stallion named Colonel. Did I mention that I, being a widow who is celebrating her birthday number seventy seven, still enjoys dreaming that I am young enough to ride my own horse into the sunset, with the local sheriff by my side; who oddly enough, has a remarkable resemblance to my late husband Buck.

Romance novels don’t have to be set in the west; it’s just my personal favorite. Perhaps yours might be the beach or the detective in the city, or how about the scruffy faced reporter? The possibilities are endless.

Winter has been cold and long already; so take advantage of the cold dark days with the slippery sidewalks and stay home. Grab a good romance novel and escape to an adventure in love.

Perhaps you enjoy mysteries, or biographies. The library is a good place to begin looking. Reading is good for your brain and reading to somebody is good for them too, no matter what their age.

The Princeton Public Library has thousands of books, so go and explore.

Join us romantics, loosen up a little and ride the range. You just might meet Mr. Cowboy.

Happy Reading…Betty

Ernest Hemingway said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

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