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My neighbor has an enormous garden. Really, it’s more of a mini farm. From that garden comes my favorite meal of the summer.

Recipe: take freshly dug potatoes, wash, slice and do not peal. Take one garden onion wash and slice. Take one large skillet, add oil and a little butter, add sliced onion and sliced potatoes. If possible, find an August tomato and add a slice on the side. YUM!

We can file that under, “simple blessings”.

Simple blessings are like fresh strawberries in May and corn on the cob slathered with butter in July, often they are just a whisper; they aren’t loud or announced or obvious. Rather simple blessings, tip-toe on our hearts. They are, for example, a baby’s giggle, an unexpected tear or a dog’s tail wag.

Winnie the Pooh says, “the garden is the friendliest sort of place”. a garden can also teach us the lessons of life. The most important lesson is, get rid of the weeds. All gardeners know pulling the weed isn’t enough unless the root comes out too. This is hard work and can be dangerous when dealing with poison ivy, for example.

The weeds in our lives, caused by loneliness, fatigue, frustration, etc… all poison our attitude and actions. As a caregiver, this is an ongoing battle of the weeds.

What is it in your life that keeps you from smiling at that tail-wag? Figure a way to rid yourself of it, or to change it. Simple blessings nourish us like rain on a garden.

Here are some places that might offer some information and advice for relief.

In-Home Care Connection

Princeton: 1-815-872-7447

Peru: 1-815-220-7447

Moline: 1-309-764-7477

Enjoy those potatoes! Betty

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